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LactaMama is a food company that creates breast milk supply enhancing products that are both nutritious and delicious. Our products enrich breast milk, making it easier for your baby to gain weight.

We are dedicated to providing the freshest, most nutritious products for you; you can count on LactaMama to provide everything your family requires to grow up strong. LactaMama will provide you with the physical and emotional help you need to raise happy and safe babies, whether you’re a first-­time or second-­time mother!

LactaMama product line includes delicious Lactation Cookies, Brownies (which are Angel’s favorite), Emergency Brownies, Lactamama Cocoa Mix, LactaMama Muffins, Lactation Smoothie Mix, and Herbal Supplements. Along with offering tasty treats and beverages.

LactaMama has also amassed a following of women providing assistance to other breastfeeding mothers. Lactamama hosts a lactation support group and weekly Facebook talks.

Most recently, we have been featured in the National newspaper in Nairobi, Kenya~ solving breastfeeding problems in Kenyan women.

Try one of our signature products today and join the LactaMama revolution!

Our Story

LactaMama was created by Angel Waithera, a MN International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and breastfeeding mommy of two. After having her second child and returning to work, Angel struggled with her milk supply and realized that there were very few resources for breastfeeding mothers in the same predicament. She knew then that she had to come up with a solution that would help to increase her milk supply.

Using her knowledge as a CLC and love for baking, Angel developed a milk-making cookie recipe and fell in love with the results. These lactation cookies dramatically increased her supply. Soon after, she decided that she could not keep her discovery a secret and had to share this with other mothers who were going through a similar situation. So, in July of 2020, LactaMama was born.

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