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How do I know what to order?

Reach out to us on call/WhatsApp 07277939 for a free product consultation and we will walk you through our product and what suits you

Do your products contain fenugreek?

 No, they don’t except our cocoa mix and if you’d like us to add it to your treats, please let us know when you make your order

I’m expecting, can I use your products while pregnant?

Congrats, mama! Our products should not be taken during pregnancy. Your mature milk production is not triggered until your placenta is delivered after the birth of your baby. Most mamas make plenty of milk and it’s best to wait until after you give birth to see if you’ll have a supply issue- you may be doing great and won’t need our products! We also suggest consulting with your healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen while pregnant.

Should I try one product versus the other when I am nursing, pumping or combination feeding

No, we advise that you pick some of the treats and drinks to check what works for you best instead of one product though they all help in milk production

Are your products guaranteed to help in milk production

Results may vary as no one lactation product can guarantee a boost in milk supply as every woman’s body is unique. We all react differently to herbs and where one product may work wonders for one woman, it may have no such impact on another. Sometimes a little trial and error is necessary to find the right lactation product for your body’s needs. It’s also crucial to determine the root cause of your supply issues when dealing with chronic low supply. Most importantly, remember lactation supplements have their place but they do not replace the guidance and expert advice of a qualified lactation consultant. We highly suggest working with a qualified IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant) if you are having any breastfeeding issues.

This mama needs help! How long does it take to see a difference in milk supply?

It varies! We all have very unique body chemistries. It’s best to try one product at a time for at least 7-10 days to help determine what may work best for you. NOTE: Our products do not replace a good nursing/pumping routine and do not replace or compensate for the lack of frequent milk removals.

Do your products have allergens?

We can make the products gluten, dairy free for anyone with known allergies. Kindly ote that the treats are made in facility that processes nuts, dairy and coconuts

Are your products halal certified?

Yes, we are

Do you have a loyalty club and how do I redeem my points?

Yes, we will introduce it soon and you can redeem your points to get discounts

I’d like to sell your products? How do I become a stockist?

Thanks for yor interest! We’d love to share our stockiest program with you, please reach us on

Is delivery available?

Yes we deliver all around Nairobi using Bolt Food or Pick Up Mtaani, in Kenya, we use G4S or Wells Fargo and around East Africa, we use the respective courier shuttles.

What changes are you making in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic?

Find out how we are keeping both your family and ours safe during the pandemic by clicking here?

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